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#22 - Author's Perspective, Must Be True, Concept Reference

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Please post below with any questions!
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Hi! Can you explain to me where in passage B it states that independent research should be contained by the structure of the trial? I see where the author of A states this, but i do not see where this is said in B
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I have the same question..would like to know why A is the correct answer! Thank you!
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Hi Emejk and Chian,

Let's start with passage A. The author of passage A is pretty clearly in favor of judicial research, and around line 25 the author describes how the trial itself can provide stricture on the independent research. Passage B is a bit less clear, but we can still find support that the author would agree with answer choice (A). As the author of passage B talks at length about problems with the appellate court conducting independent research, they also provide support for the trial court conducting said research. Passage B describes how a trial court can use experts to explain and apply the research to a specific case in trial, can weigh the reliability of witnesses and testimony, and more.

Hope that helps!