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#2 - Must Be True, Specific Reference

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Please post below with any questions!
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Hi, I feel like a lot of my errors on reading comp come from these types of questions. I went with answer choice (A), and (D) would have been my second guess. Could you explain how "retro ideology" is to be interpreted in this question/the passage? Thank you in advance!
Emily Haney-Caron
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Hi elyssa,

Keep in mind that, for this type of specific reference question, you want to make sure you're looking for context clues around the quoted text. Can you take a stab at prephrasing your answer to this question for me, based on the text? That'll help us trouble-shoot and explain where you got a little off track!
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Hello - I also picked answer choice "A." I think my thought process focused on the record execs comment in line 34 where it says " ...retro idealogy that is not really of the moment." However, now that I'm reviewing, I notice lines 40-42 where it says Marsalis put great emphasis on its past masters yet he never advocated mere revivalism and has demonstrated in his work traditional elements.

Those lines seem so far ahead tho - would you have suggested reading this much past line 34 to obtain the answer?
Malila Robinson
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Hi Lourdiana,
The question here is essentially asking how the former record executive's quote about Marsalis embodying a "retro ideology" supports the general public opinion of him (Marsalis).

This gist of this passage is that many critics and record labels hold the view that Marsalis is a living jazz legend whose musical stylings are in line with history's "best" jazz musicians. And as such Marsalis is continuing the traditions of the jazz of the past instead of innovating the jazz of the present/future.

So the "retro ideology" in this quote relates to Marsalis continuing to embody the generally accepted, historical idea of jazz. And this leads to C as the correct answer.

I'm not sure what part of the passage would lead you to think that Answer A was correct. Marsalis is still doing the same type of jazz that was done in the past, and that type of jazz was heralded as the best, so I'm not sure what part would seem like he was reviving something that was discredited.
Hope that helps!