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Drill, Page 6-65 #3

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Hi Powerscore,

I am having a little trouble understanding a particular inference. I am currently taking the online course and I am doing L6 HWK, page 6-65 #3. I easily understand why EFI must occur and what D and L must not occur. However when it comes to reasons why B must occur and why A must not occur I am a little lost.

So, I diagrammed those two scenarios like the following:

A- :arrow: B slash
B :arrow: A slash

Bslash :arrow: H or I
H and I slash :arrow: B

My reasoning was that B or A were free to float in this sense because H and I satisfy the necessary conditions of being in.. so, B could or could not occur. However, the "not both" looks like it plays a part in where I could have possibly went wrong in the analysis.. Any help will be greatly appreciated
Dave Killoran
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Hi K,

This is a tough drill, so I'm going to start by referring you to a broad discussion of some of the rules in this drill, including the ones you mention: viewtopic.php?t=7569.

Let's start there and see how it goes—I think that will clear up a lot of your questions, including the one about #3, which is addressed at the end of that thread. Thanks!
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