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Lesson 5, pg. 5-98, #2-Defined Grouping Setup Diagram Drill

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Hi Powerscore,

After completing #2, I'm still left wondering how we are supposed to know that this setup defined and balanced. I understand the rules state that each activity must be accompanied by another activity, and thus one activity cannot be performed alone, but how do we know that an activity cannot be repeated with other project sets? I thought this was left unstated and therefore a possibility, but the answers instead show the setup as the 6 activities being used once to fill 3 projects with 2 slots each. Thanks in advance for the help!
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Hi ramon,

Great question! Note that at the beginning of the scenario, the language states ""will perform six activites." So we only have six total activites that the carpenter can perform for the day and then six activities listed, making this a one-to-one situation. That's what's going to make this a balanced and defined scenario and one typical of many logic games. And yes, the rule you cite helps us also to confirm that it's defined and implies that it may be balanced, but it's really the initial sentence of the scenario that creates the inference of six for six and therefore, one-to-one.

Thanks for the great question and I hope this helps! :-D