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Linear Setup Practice drill question 2
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How come on the second place there is no crossed out E?

The rules say that, "The Doberman can be shown neither immediately before nor immediately after the English Setter. And, the Ankita must be shown two places before the Doberman."
Since we can place A D on spacings 1-3, underneath the spacing 2 we should be able to place E crossed out; because, in space 3 there is D, which cannot be followed immediately before or after by E. Answer explanations on page 3-106 do not have E crossed underneath 2. What am I missing?

Thank you.
Lidiya Bayliyeva
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Hi Lidiya!

We can't say that E cannot go in the 2nd spot because we don't know for sure where D goes. D could go 3rd, in which case E could not be 2nd. But D could also be 5th and in that case E could be second.

On page 3-106, they provide the 3 options for where the A_D block can go (1 & 3, 2 & 4, 3 & 5) but we have no idea where it actually must be. Based on those possible arrangements, E could go 1st, 2nd, or 5th, depending on where A_D is placed.

Hope this clears things up!

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Hey! A little confused about why the answer (C) is the correct choice for question 2.1 on pg. 3-39.

I was unable to make the cocker spaniel - english setter connection, and instead focused of the akita, doberman, and english setter relationship because I thought I didn't have enough information to answer for cocker spaniel and bulldog. Can you just explain a little bit?
Francis O'Rourke
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Hi Andriana

If the Cocker Spaniel is placed third, you should first think about where the relatively large A _ D block can be placed. There is actually only one location to put in - in spots 2 and 4, which will give us the following diagram: _ A C D _. This may take a bit of trial and error, but it will be valuable practice for dealing with Split-Blocks such as this.

Once you get the placement of these variables down, you should then think about where we can place the Bulldog and the English Setter. The Bulldog does not have any restrictions placed on it, so it could go in any position. The English Setter however, cannot be placed next to the Doberman, so it only has one position available: first. This is what answer choice (C) states.

There is no clear connection to the Cocker Spaniel and the English Setter, so don't feel bad about not recognizing one right away. What you should be aware of is that there will always be a limited number of placements for a split block that takes up 60% of the available positions, and these large split-blocks will often yield good inferences for the rest of the diagram.