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Lesson 2 HW: Passage 11, Q 5

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Hello. Can you explain to me the reasoning behind answer choice A? I chose answer choice B, but debated between the two.
Francis O'Rourke
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Hi Maria,

Answer choice (A) characterizes these critics as saying that James writes too much useless details, while answer choice (B) says that the critics believe that James writes too little about characters.

These are basically polar opposite interpretations of what the critics are communicating, so let's go back to the passage and take a look. Waugh wants James to "get on with" the details of the crime. Oakes asks "could we please proceed" with the story.

Think to yourself about how you would use these two phrases: Get on with it! Can we please proceed? Do you see yourself saying something like this if you think that someone has said too little or too much?