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Lesson 1 HW Game #6: December 2005 Questions 7-12

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Can anyone help me understand why the book explanation has the variable "L" circled in the diagram (on page 1-119)?

Luke Haqq
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Good question--it doesn't explicitly say why it's circled in the explanation. I think the answer might lie in the first asterisked point on 1-119: "This is an extremely difficult chain to diagram. L links to both K and J..."

The reason I think L is circled is to remind the reader that it is connected to K, despite the line spacing and the > sign not extending to include L. Circling it indicates that there should be a break in the diagram despite the typographical limitation of representing this (though you easily could in a hand drawing), so that you know that L is connected to both J and K.
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My question is in regards to #9 on this game. The answer states that M cannot be harvested before 6th. However, couldn't M come before H so it can be in the fifth place.
Ex: P, G, K, L, M, H, J, T

James Finch
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Hi J,

It looks like you're forgetting the last rule, that M must go after T, as you have T last. But only M or J can go last, as all other variables have rules forcing other variables after them.

Hope this helps!