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Issue Essay 3

Bearcats17Bearcats17 Joined: 11/29/2017
Here is another issue essay that I did. Here is the prompt: Claim: Restaurants should be required to display nutritional information about the food they serve. Reason: This knowledge will help diners make healthy choices and reduce their risk of diet-related health problems. 
Here is my response: 

Having a healthy diet is something many people all over the world are concerned with all over the world. With a concern of what people are putting in their bodies, many people feel that restaurants should be required to display nutritional information about the food they serve on their menus. These information would include the ingredients used in the dish and how many calories are in these food they are eating. However, doing this will not always lead to diners to make healthy choices when they go to restaurants. Therefore, restaurants should not be required to provide nutritional information on every food they are serving.

            It is understandable that people want to know what ingredients are being used to make the dishes that are about to eat because they want to control their diets. Having a healthy diet will lead to a long and healthy lifestyle. However, requiring restaurants to provide nutritional information will not always provide the desired result people are hoping for.

            First, when people eat food in general, they do it so they can be happy. Food is meant for people to enjoy. When they go to restaurants, they already have in mind what they want to eat. For example, if the diners are craving a steak or a burger, that is what they are going to order without hesitation. It will not matter what ingredients are being put into the steak or burger. If they think what they are reading in a menu sounds delicious, that is what they are going eat. This is especially true for steak and burger restaurants because both are crowd pleasures all over the world. Steaks and burgers are some of the most popular foods in the world despite it not being the healthies of choices. Providing nutritional information will not stop diners from ordering what they want to eat when they go to a restaurant.

            In addition, some diners order dessert courses after their main dishes. Diners are aware that most desserts such as cakes and ice creams contain sugar, which makes those dishes high in calories. Despite knowing this information and aware that ordering desserts is not healthy, they will order them anyways. Providing nutritional information for dessert courses would be pointless because people know they are not healthy diet choices.

            In conclusion, restaurants should not be required to provide nutritional information about the food they are serving to customers because it will not stop customers from ordering the food they are craving for that meal. People would still order steaks, burgers, and desserts despite knowing this information. Therefore, at the end of the day, it is up to the customers to make the right choices when going to restaurants if they want to avoid having diet-related health problems because having nutritional information for all the dishes can only do so much. 

I am looking forward to hearing your feedbacks. 



  • Jonathan EvansJonathan Evans PowerScore Staff Joined: 10/31/2016
    edited Thu Dec 7, 2017
    Bearcats, this essay is a 3. Let me highlight the differences between a 3 and a 4 essay:

    "Score 4 Adequate
    In addressing the specific task directions, a 4 response presents a competent analysis of the issue and conveys meaning with acceptable clarity.
    A typical response in this category:
    • presents a clear position on the issue in accordance with the assigned task
    • develops the position with relevant reasons and/or examples
    • is adequately focused and organized
    • demonstrates sufficient control of language to express ideas with acceptable clarity
    • generally demonstrates control of the conventions of standard written English, but may have some errors

    Score 3 Limited
    A 3 response demonstrates some competence in addressing the specific task directions, in analyzing the issue and in conveying meaning, but is obviously flawed.
    A typical response in this category exhibits ONE OR MORE of the following characteristics:
    • is vague or limited in addressing the specific task directions and in presenting or developing a position on the issue or both
    • is weak in the use of relevant reasons or examples or relies largely on unsupported claims
    • is limited in focus and/or organization
    • has problems in language and sentence structure that result in a lack of clarity
    • contains occasional major errors or frequent minor errors in grammar, usage or mechanics that can interfere with meaning"

    These are the two most significant areas for you to boost your score, in addition to the feedback on your first issue essay. I look forward to seeing your next submission. I hope this helps!
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