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4. The number of integers from...

Jonathan EvansJonathan Evans PowerScore StaffJoined: 10/31/2016


  • Type: Quantitative Comparison
  • Topic: Properties of Numbers
    • Integers
    • Divisibility
  • Answer: C, The Quantities are Equal


Consider scratch work above.
  1. Start by Recording What You Know™ and getting your Possibility Matrix™ and answer choices set up.
  2. Column B is all done. We're only concerned with Column A.
  3. We're looking for all the numbers divisible by 5 and 9. We need to count them up. 
  4. Let's just start listing them out. 
  5. This isn't that bad. Just count them up and compare.
  6. There are exactly 6 integers between 1 and 300 divisible by both 5 and 9. 
  7. The quantities are equal.
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