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1. N > 1...

Jonathan EvansJonathan Evans PowerScore StaffJoined: 10/31/2016


  • Type: Quantitative Comparison
  • Topic: Algebra
    • Inequality
    • Supplying Numbers
  • Answer: D, cannot be determined


Consider scratch work above.
  1. Start by Recording What You Know™ and getting your Possibility Matrix™ and answer choices set up.
  2. We know n has to be greater than 1. We do not know whether n is an integer. Therefore we need to keep fractions in mind.
  3. We don't know what n is, so we must Supply Numbers™. 
  4. Try something easy. n = 2 (in red)
  5. For column A, this gives us 250. In B, 215. Column A > Column B. Eliminate answers B and C.
  6. Let's jump up to a bigger value for n. Let's use n = 10 (in green).
  7. For column A, this gives us 1250. In B, 1935. Column A < Column B. Eliminate answer A.
  8. D is the correct answer.
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