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Issue Essay 2

Bearcats17Bearcats17 Joined: 11/29/2017
Here is another issue essay I recently wrote. The prompt for this essay is: Progress should be the aim of any great society. People too often cling unnecessarily to obsolete ways of thinking and acting because they enjoy feeling comfortable and fear the unknown. Here is my response to this prompt. 

Progress is defined as making improvement to makes people’s way of life easier in society. This is something great society should aim to do everyday. There are so many things that have come out through the concept of process. Therefore, people in great society should not stay in their comfort zone and look for ways to make progress because progress has created benefits in many aspects in today’s life.

            Many people fear the idea of progress because they are comfortable of where they are and they are happy with their current state of life. They do not want change. They fear the unknown. They fear that if change happens, their life will completely impacted in a negative ways. However, people should not fear these things and should just let progress happen. Without progress, there would be no improvement in society.

            One example in which progress has benefited society are inventions. These inventions include telephones and light bulbs. The invention of the telephones by Alexander Graham Bell made communication easier and more sufficient. Before this invention, people would have to go door to door in person just to deliver a message. Sometimes, this involved going to another state. With the invention of telephones, people are now able to communicate with friends, families, and many other people without having to leave their homes. They can even talk all day. The invention of light bulbs by Thomas Edison made it easier to have light in the house. Before this invention, the way to get light was lighting candles and carrying it from place to place. This was not a great way to have light because the candles are susceptible to being burnt out. There is also a high risk of having a fire emergency because if someone trips and falls, something in the house could catch on fire. With the invention of the light bulbs, light will illuminate with just a flip of a switch. The inventions of telephones and light bulbs are example of how progress has benefited society.

            In addition, the Women’s Rights Movement and Civil Rights movement are also examples of how progress benefits society. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton fought for allowing women the right to vote. Anthony and Stanton did not stand down one bit. With their determination, the government made a new amendment that allowed women to vote. Now in today’s society, women in the United States are able to vote for the next president. The Civil Rights movement led by Martin Luther King Jr. have benefited society. King Jr.’s determination to provide equal rights to all citizen no matter their race was very impactful. He did not care how many times he got arrested and how many people hate him. Because of King Jr.’s actions, discrimination of race was mitigated. Now in today’s society, there are less discriminatory actions among race and people are getting along with other people. The Women’s Rights Movement and the Civil Rights movement are examples of how progress has benefited society.

            In conclusion, progress is something great society should aim to be doing everyday. People should not fear progress because it benefits society. The inventions by some of the well-known inventors such as Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison, the Women’s Rights Movement, and the Civil Rights Movement are perfect examples of how progress has benefited society. Without progress, there would be no improvement in society and it would not be exciting.                                      

I would to have someone give me a feedback on this essay and let me know what I do to improve on it. Thank you. 



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