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analytical writing score?

I have a question about the online GRE PowerPrep. After taking test one, I received a score for the verbal and quantitative portions. Do I receive a separate score for the analytical writing portion or is this included with the verbal score?"


  • Jonathan EvansJonathan Evans PowerScore Staff Joined: 10/31/2016
    Hi, Spiderland,

    Thanks for your question. When you take the actual GRE, your unofficial
    Verbal and Math scores will be given to you at the center. About 10-14
    days later an official score report will arrive, confirming your Verbal
    and Math scores and a grade for your Analytical Writing section (it
    takes longer top score the essays, thus the delay). Here is some
    information on how the essays are scored:

    Each Analytical Writing essay is initially scored on a 0 to 6 scale in
    half-point increments by two readers. The two scores are averaged to
    produce a final score for each essay. The final scores of each essay are
    then averaged together to create an overall score on the 0 to 6 scale.

    In producing the sub-score for each essay, if the essay scores produced
    by the two readers are identical or adjacent on the scoring scale, the
    average is used to produce the sub-score; if the two scores are one
    point or more apart, the essay is sent to a third, very experienced
    reader for a final decision.

    Overall AW scores currently represent the following percentiles:

              AW Scaled Score       Percentage Below

                            6.0                     95
                            5.5                     84
                            5.0                     67
                            4.5                     47
                            4.0                     28
                            3.5                     14
                            3.0                       6
                            2.5                       2
                            2.0                       1
                            0.0-1.5                   0

    All GRE essays are scored using a "holistic" approach. The holistic
    approach emphasizes the impact of all parts of the essay and awards a
    score based on overall effect. Component parts of the essay, such as
    word choice and sentence structure, are not scored separately and as
    such, no particular component has more "weight" than another. One
    important effect of the holistic scoring approach is that your essay can
    contain minor flaws and still receive a top score.

    I hope the above helps clarify how the essays work. Thanks!
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