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advice for gre or gmat?

hi, i'm very impressed with your program and i was wondering if you could offer me some advice about which test to take. i'm thinking about either the gre or the gmat. i have completed an undergraduate BBA degree in management.  now i would like to do an executive mba in health management. the schools i'm interested in take both exams.  firstly, which of the exam is the most appropriate for my situation? secondly, are your courses offered online?  thirdly, how can someone in puerto rico get access to your courses? thanks!


  • Jonathan EvansJonathan Evans PowerScore Staff Joined: 10/31/2016
    Hi, Lina,

    Thanks for the questions. My advice would be to take take a practice test in each to compare your performance and assess your preferences.

    The GMAT provides free practice software here:

    ETS provides PowerPrep software here:

    In general, all things being equal, I'd recommend the GRE. The GMAT is typically considered more difficult (much more so from a math perspective), and, while considered marginally "preferable" by business schools, is not in and of itself a significant asset on an application compared to the GRE, especially if your percentile score is lower on the GMAT than it is on the GRE. 

    We do have good online options for either GMAT or GRE preparation. For GMAT, we offer an On-Demand course that allows you to receive instruction on your schedule taught through recordings of master-instructor Jon Denning. More information is available here:

    For GRE, we offer Live Online instruction both in the Full Length or Accelerated formats. More information is available here:

    Both are available worldwide, including Puerto Rico of course. You might also consider registering for a free GRE webinar to get a feel for the interface and receive some valuable test prep instruction. The next upcoming webinar will be held June 14. Register for free here:

    Thanks for the question. We hope to see you again on the forum or in one of our webinars!
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