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Using the Practice Book to Supplement POWERPREP

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RyanBornPowerScore PowerScore StaffJoined: Wed Apr 27, 2016Posts: 541

The Practice Book comes in two editions, with each edition being a complete practice exam. Most of the questions in the Practice Book, 1st and 2nd editions, also appear in POWERPREP, Tests 1 and 2. So, most of the Practice Book explanations you'll find in this forum will give you a link to the matching POWERPREP explanation.

Due to the overlap between the Practice Book and POWERPREP, you're left with really only two practice tests, not four. If you're going to take the computer-delivered GRE (as 98% of test-takers do), you should use the POWERPREP software for practice tests and treat The Practice Book as a source of practice questions.

In all, the two editions of the Practice Book contain 57 unique questions, 46 Quant and 11 Verbal. Below is a list of all 57, with links to answers and explanations. Links to both editions of the Practice Book are included, too.

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