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GRE Math Question Types and Exercise Examples

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GRE Math uses 4 basic question types. One is named for what you do—Quantitative Comparison. Each of the other three is named after how you answer—Multiple Choice Select One, Multiple Choice Select One or More, and Numeric Entry. Here are some notes on each question type with example exercises from POWERPREP, the official practice tests.
Sources: Official Introduction to the Quantitative Reasoning Measure.

Quantitative Comparison

Compare two quantities, marked A and B, and select one of four fixed options to describe the relationship between the quantities.

Tip: The first seven to eight questions in each set of math questions will be Quantitative Comparison.

Example Problems
Multiple-Choice Select One

Select exactly one answer from five answer choices.

Tip: After the block of seven to eight Quantitative Comparison questions, most questions are Multiple Choice Select One.

Example Problems
Multiple-Choice Select One or More

Select at least one answer from three to ten answer choices.

Tip: Most questions of this type use three answer choices, though you could have as many as ten—for example, one answer choice for each of the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, … , 9.

Example Problems
Numeric Entry                      

Enter a number.

Tip: You'll be told whether to enter an integer, fraction, or decimal and, if a decimal, the place value for rounding.

Example Problems
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